Welcome to Ed Hineline Photography.
I‘ve always had difficulty providing a clear response when asked “What type of photography do you do?” I’ve yet to be able to express my genre. This is because I am an “Image Maker”. I love to make images of anything. Anything that catches my eye, looks interesting, or just makes me feel good. When I see something interesting, my field of view changes to what I might see through my camera.

My portfolio represents a sample of images I’ve captured. The title represents my thought of the meaning behind the image or what I was thinking at the time. I welcome anyone seeing my images to place themselves in the scene and interpret it from their own point of view. My hope is that a special memory will be triggered, or provoke thought, or produce a smile and warm feeling of happiness. My portfolio is a glimpse into my soul and personality where I try to capture images that are sometimes overlooked because of our busy everyday lives.

Thank you for looking. Enjoy.
Ed H.

I use high quality printing services and can create art on canvas, aluminum, and on fine art paper via the giclee printing process. I you are interested in purchasing any prints, please reach out to me via my contact form.
"Leaning to the RIght""Reflecting On The Future""Bricks and Windows""Imprisoned""Grandma and Grandpa's House""Taylor Made""Geraniums""Back-Alley Deals""Intrigue and Deception""Youth Remembered""Topsy-Turvy""Duality of Man - The Love of Guns""Elephant in the Room""Old Guard""Sink or Swim""Seating Available""Back Alley Explorers""Street Resume""Hooking the Big One""Flying by the Seat of My Pants"