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Welcome to Ed Hineline Photography.
I‘ve always had difficulty providing a clear response when asked “What type of photography do you do?” I’ve yet to be able to express my genre. This is because I am an “Image Maker”. I love to make images of anything. Anything that catches my eye, looks interesting, or just makes me feel good. When I see something interesting, my field of view changes to what I might see through my camera.

My portfolio represents a sample of images I’ve captured. The title represents my thought of the meaning behind the image or what I was thinking at the time. I welcome anyone seeing my images to place themselves in the scene and interpret it from their own point of view. My hope is that a special memory will be triggered, or provoke thought, or produce a smile and warm feeling of happiness. My portfolio is a glimpse into my soul and personality where I try to capture images that are sometimes overlooked because of our busy everyday lives.

Thank you for looking. Enjoy.
Ed H.

I use high quality printing services and can create art on canvas, aluminum, and on fine art paper via the giclee printing process. I you are interested in purchasing any prints, please reach out to me via my contact form.
Rain or Shine... and "Pigs Do Fly"You Lookin' At Me?Why?"Caloosahatchee River at Sunset"Atlantic Beach, North Carolina"Caloosahatchee River Sunset""Caloosahatchee River Sunset""Sunrise on the Intercoastal""On Top of the Continental Divide""Sunset at Chapel Trail""Walk into Infinity" - Florida Everglades"St. Catherine's Chapel on the Rock".  Allenspark, Co"Calico Bay"Raleigh, North CarolinaLove's Roots Run Deep"Tranquil Days""Peaceful Crossing""Serenity Walkways""Serenity Walkways Through Paradise"