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Welcome to the Adventures of Ollie Dog & Jerry Cat. Ollie and Jerry live together and are best friends that play together daily by chasing each other, wrestling or just hanging out.

Ollie Dog and Jerry Cat are both adopted pets. Ollie was adopted from the Humane Society of Broward County after seeing her Adopt a Pet Spotlight segment on Local 10 News (Miami) . Jerry was adopted from Good Karma Pet Rescue after his mom was found needing a home with one week old kittens.
Ollie Dog and Jerry CatOllie Dog & Jerry CatOllie DogOllie DogJerry CatOllie DogJerry CatJerry the Cat and the Laser MouseJerry CatJerry CatOllie DogOllie DogOllie DogOllie DogOllie DogOllie DogOllie DogLR-20200301_111255Jerry CatJerry Cat