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This series is a pictorial of Ed Hineline and how he enjoys being present but prefers the background and not the center of attention.

I've always been more comfortable behind the camera lens where I'm "quick with a click" and have "hit-and-run" conversations. I’m not in a lot of pictures because I’ve always been identified as “the photographer” and it’s not easy to get in the picture, unless it’s a selfie.

Ed’s self-portraits are his way of providing just enough to be present, but in the background.
Ed_Selfie_10-25-2020Selfie with Snoopy"The Elephant in the Room"Ed Hineline Selfie 10-08-2021Ed Hineline Selfie 10-09-2021Watching My WeightRetired and Trying to Keep BusyAirportEd Hineline Selfie 08-27-2021Ed-Hineline-Selfie 10-08-2021Ed-Hineline-Selfie 10-15-2021Ed Hineline Selfie 10-08-2021Eye of the Screech OwlWindow ViewMasked for CovidWindow ViewMicrosoft Surface: My Screen ReflectionThrough Someone Else's EyesEverything is Not Always Black & WhiteEdison and Ford Estates