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This series is about who I am. A person that prefers to be in the background and likes to be different.

I've always been more comfortable behind the camera lens where I'm "quick with a click" and have "hit-and-run" conversations. Most don’t ask to take my picture and when I'm photographed, I usually don't like how I look and prefer not to see or have anyone share the images. Starting in my teen years I learned that others would take advantage of the things they would know about me.
My self-portraits are my way of providing just enough of my personality for my friends to identify me and understand what my thoughts were at that time. It’s also fun to make people wonder what’s really going on.
Ed_Selfie_10-25-2020Selfie with SnoopyEd Hineline Selfie 10-08-2021Ed Hineline Selfie 10-09-2021Watching My WeightRetirement Morning RoutineAirportEd Hineline Selfie 08-27-2021Ed-Hineline-Selfie 10-08-2021Ed-Hineline-Selfie 10-15-2021Ed Hineline Selfie 10-08-2021Eye of the Screech OwlWindow ViewMasked for CovidWindow ViewMicrosoft Surface: My Screen ReflectionThrough Someone Else's EyesEverything is Not Always Black & WhiteEdison and Ford EstatesEd Hineline Jr Self Portrait