Ed Hineline Jr.

A Little Bit About Me

Ed Hineline Jr.Ed Hineline Jr.


"I‘ve always had difficulty providing a clear response when asked 'What type of photography do you do?' I’ve yet to be able to express my genre. This is because I am an 'Image Maker'. I love to make images that capture beauty or uniqueness generally overlooked because of the fast pace of our lives."

Welcome and thank you for wanting to learn a little about me.  I'm a native South Floridian, born and raised in Hollywood, now living in Pembroke Pines.  I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and immediately started my career as a technology professional for the local school district.  I took advantage of an early retirement program and decided to hone my skills and pursue my entrepreneurial dream to start a second career in photography.

Through my teen and adult years I was always taking pictures.  Documenting the people, places, and events that crossed my path in life.  I was handed my first camera as a teenager in high school, a 35mm film Mamiya Sekor, and learned photography working in my father’s film processing and printing lab as I was attending college.  This gave me the unique opportunity view hundreds of thousands of pictures and interact with professionals as well as average everyday picture takers.

For years my technology career supported me and my family, but photography has been my passion.  Late in my career I began to lose the feeling of purpose.  It was not as fun and exciting as when I was younger.  As my stress filled career progressed, I realized that photography was providing me an outlet to relax, have fun, and help focus to see the world from a different perspective. My FamilyMy Family

I enjoy walking, observing, and making images of anything that grabs my attention but may be invisible to others.  When I see something interesting, my field of view changes to what I might see through my camera.  Sometimes I see and capture, when at other times I see, envision, plan, and return for my image.

Photography has freed the creative side of my personality and is now challenging me to be what I have always wanted to be, an entrepreneur pursuing my passion.  I get great satisfaction when I see someone’s reaction to my images.

I'm a father, husband, grandfather, nature lover, practical joker, fun loving, shy, good neighbor, and dreamer.  I am just like everyone else.  My distinction is the passion to capture moments to be cherished and shared forever.

My photography is the visual expression of my motto; "Moments in time are lived once.  Images of those moments live forever." 

Thank you for looking. Enjoy.
Ed H.

Dedication: My photography is dedicated to my father, Ed Hineline, Sr., who taught me to capture and share the beauty of the world through the lens of my camera.