Pass It On

"Pass It On" is my social experiment to see how many people can be made to feel special by simply giving them a card and asking to either "Keep It" or "Pass it On".  There is no cost, no advertising, or strings attached.  There is no expectations to buy or sell anything.  "Pass It On" is simply a set of printed cards handed out to produce a smile.  The cards were given to people because a random act of kindness was observed, or a smile was thought to be needed, or for no other reason except for today is a great day and our paths crossed, potentially never to cross again.

If you received a card you have a choice:

  • "Keep" the card and smile each time you see it, because the person "Passing It On" thought you were special.
  • "Pass It On" to someone else to make them smile and feel special.  Initial the back of the card to show you are part of the greater good in making people feel happy.

If you would like to share your experience, add your comments below.  I am looking for the positive effects that the cards may have had on you or the person you gave the card. 


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